he purpose of this site is to share my passion of Irish Road and Short Circuit Racing with enthusiasts from here and around the world and to make digital images available to riders, sponsors, fans and various media publications.
The whole design concept, creation and photographic content of this site have all been undertaken by me.

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The digital photographs on this site were taken over the last 8 years with a Sanyo Digicam, Olympus C2000Z, Olympus C-700 Ultra Zoom, and since July 2003, a Canon EOS 10D and a Canon EOS 1D Mark II digital SLR cameras. The site contains over 5,000 photographs and includes extensive galleries dating from 1998, right up to the current 2005 race season, categorised by race meeting.

The photos consist of a collection of still images taken in the paddock whilst the bikes were being prepared for the race, and action shots during the practice and race. Click on any of the categorised links to go to the photogallery of your choice. All the photos in each gallery are thumbnailed for easy navigation.

Also check out the Bike Site Links Page, which will allow you to view a selection of some excellent bike related sites on the Internet. Some of these sites are maintained by other fans, bike clubs or racers themselves. Others are links to shops which offer a service to the motorcycle community.

The Gallery Updates on the top right, gives you access to the latest photographs which have been added recently to the site in update order. The Updates button on the navigation bar will allow you to view the complete site update details.

The Recommended Sites menu contains a list of excellent sites that are especially well worth a visit. The New Links menu and Recent Links menu include a list of links which I have found while surfing, or which have been passed on to me for inclusion on the site.

All the digital images on the site are copyright to me, however you may download and save any of the photos for your own private collection, but if you want to use them anywhere else, then please go to the services page to view my range of photo services.

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